My Travel Style

July 23, 2014

Target Shirt & Sandals// CharlotteRusse Hat// Forever21 Jeans & Purse

"Collect moments, not things..." 
That quote is so inspiring to me and that's why I wanted to start this post with it. Sometimes is so hard to get out of our daily routines of work that we forget to live our lives. I always think that traveling is one of the best things you can do to get out of a routine, learn about different cultures and to know that there's more out there in this world than what we see everyday. I've made the best memories of my life when traveling and they are worth so much more than any material things. So, my purpose of this post, besides showing you my travel outfit (of course!), is to inspire you to appreciate the moments, travel, make memories... at the end is all about collecting those moments! 
Moving on to the outfit! When I'm traveling I like to keep two things in mind: be comfortable and travel light. That's why I always wear something extremely comfortable! I also want to look cute, not gonna lie! haha... So a good way to look cute and comfy on an airport is to choose comfortable pieces like boyfriend jeans with a simple tee or a maxi dress with sandals. I decided to wear my boyfriend jeans with a simple tee this time and I can say it has been the most comfortable outfit I've worn to travel. Just keep in mind the word comfortable when choosing your travel outfit! Let me know if you like my travel style and if you're traveling somewhere fun this summer! 
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Until next time! xoxo