Fitness Style

September 8, 2014

Get The Look: 

Fabletics Barcelona Outfit (here)

Ever since I started my blog I've always wanted to talk about fitness and motivate some of you to stay healthy and fit. A lot of times people will tell me that I don't need to work out because I am already skinny and the reality is that exercising is not just about losing weight. I am happy with my weight right now and I don't plan to work out to loose weight. Exercising has a lot of health benefits and, for me, is a great way to clear my mind and feel good about myself. There's plenty of different ways you can stay fit and healthy like for example, you can do biking, hiking, yoga, running, dancing, etc. I'm trying to push myself and dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to do some type of workout. Sometimes it's really hard to stay motivated especially if you have to work all day and you just want to get home and rest. But, if you want to stay motivated my advice is to set up a goal like I'm doing. Whether is 30 to 45 minutes in the evenings or waking up early and do 15 minutes of running, anything counts!

Another great way to stay motivated is getting new workout clothes! Having new gear to workout keeps me motivated and makes me feel even better about myself. Fabletics is a great website if you're looking for super cute and affordable active-wear.  The best thing is that you will get personalized picks every month and you have the option to buy the entire outfit or separate pieces. The outfit I'm wearing is super comfortable and it came with 3-pieces (pants, tank and sports bra). I really like that is different from any active-wear I've seen and the details are super cute, like the exposed back in the tank top.

Now, I am challenging you guys to set up a fitness goal and let's keep each other motivated! Let me know in the comments if you're planning to start any type of fitness routine and if you have any recommendations for new workouts! 

Have a great week guys & thanks for stopping by!