Weekend Photo-Diary: Living Life!

September 22, 2014

The Indianapolis Museum of Art is one of my new favorite places in Indy. I felt in love with the outside gardens and beautiful views. It was actually my first time visiting the museum and I've been living in Indiana for two years (what a shame!) I definitely see myself coming back to this place and hopefully someday I can bring my family. If you ever visit Indianapolis you should definitely make a stop at the museum, you'll not regret it! 
A fun fact: The original LOVE sculpture was brought to Indianapolis in 1975 and it has been displayed at the IMA since then. Indiana's love design has been reproduced and displayed in big cities like New York.   

 This picture was taken at one of the gardens-- It was full of butterflies and I was lucky enough to capture this pretty one.

This weekend they had the FIESTA Latino Festival at Downtown. They had live music and all sorts of food from different countries. My favorite part was drinking a piña colada and eating Puerto Rican food. Yum! 

Sunday was a quiet and peaceful day. One of the things I love about blogging is that I get to discover amazing places that are picture-perfect. These pictures were taken at The White River Canal Walk

I hope you enjoyed this photo-diary! I am starting to really like this idea so I'll try to do them every Monday. I love sharing my experiences with you guys and I also want you guys to see a glimpse of my regular life, not everything is fashion and outfit posts! 
I wish you all a fantastic week! 

Until next time.