5 Helpful Tips On Working From Home

December 14, 2014

Image via The Everygirl

A few months ago I made the decision of quitting my corporate job and started working on my own business...
Since then, I have been working from home and even though I really enjoy having flexible hours, it is a lot harder to stay motivated and focused. The first few months were the toughest...I didn't really know what I was doing and almost felt like my decision was a mistake. There were other days where I didn't do anything at all and spent the day starring at my computer feeling so lost and uninspired. That feeling made me feel really lost and almost forgot the purpose of me quitting my job. I had days where I would stay in my pajamas all day and didn't get any work done. I felt so frustrated because I had lots of ideas but my inspiration was none.

After realizing that I needed to change something in my routine, I decided to establish a few rules for myself to be able to stay productive while working from home. 

1. Get up early and go workout. Getting the day started early in the morning will make you feel good about yourself and having a morning workout helps you stay energetic during the day. This has become something that I look forward to do everyday, so naturally it keeps me motivated to start my day on the bright side. 

2. Get ready for the day like you are going to the office. Getting dressed every morning gives you the mind set that you are going to work and it is a huge factor to help you stay motivated during the day. I like to pick my outfit the night before so that I don't have to worry about it in the morning. This may seem a little silly, but it really does make the world of a difference. 

3. Set up a workspace. When I started working from home, I would stay in the couch or in my bed all day (huge mistake!). I decided to set up a little office space with my desk and computer and decorate it with things I like so I look forward to going there everyday after I get ready. 

4. Choose a different work location every once in a while. I have days where I just want to get out of the house and work from somewhere else. The advantage of working for yourself is that you can get the work done from almost any place. I enjoy making my little "office of the day" in places like Starbucks and Barnes and Nobles. I get a lot done when I do this and I try to do it at least twice a week.

5. Set up a working schedule for yourself. It is important to separate working hours from personal hours, even if working from home. I like to be able to enjoy my evenings, cook a delicious meal and watch my favorite TV shows without having to worry about checking the computer for any emails. Time for yourself and your family is priceless and you should be able to enjoy it.